3D Printing Materials

Full range of industrial 3D printing materials for FDM, SLA, SLS & MJF 3D Printing in Malaysia.

FDM Materials


ABS-ESD7 prevents a buildup of static electricity for end-use components, electronic products, industrial equipment and jigs and fixtures for assembly of electronic components.

ULTEM™ 9085 CG Resin

ULTEM™ 9085 CG resin features a high strength-to-weight ratio. Furthermore, it has high thermal and chemical resistance, and flame, smoke and toxicity (FST) ratings. The resin possesses documented traceability from filament back to raw material lot number.

ULTEM™ 1010 Resin

ULTEM™ 1010 resin offers superior tensile strength and excellent chemical and thermal resistance for an FDM thermoplastic. Certified grade is biocompatible and approved for food contact with NSF 51 and ISO 10993/USP Class VI certifications.


ABS is 25 to 70 percent stronger than standard ABS. Thus, it is ideal for concept modeling, functional prototyping, manufacturing tools and end use parts. It features significantly stronger layer bonding than ABS and greater tensile, impact and flexural strength.


ASA is suitable for outdoor-use production parts due to its strength, color choice and UV resistance. From electrical housings and brackets to sporting goods and automotive prototypes, the material’s ease of use also makes it a great choice for iterative design.

SLA Materials

ABS-Like White Resin

GP Plus is a white resin that can produce extremely accurate parts with high detail. It also features excellent humidity resistance and commendable durability.

Clear Resin (Polished / Frosted)

Ideal for producing parts that are nearly colorless and resemble true, clear engineered plastic.

Higher Temp Resin

Suitable for end use applications and functional prototypes due to its superior strength and durability.

SLS Materials

PA12 (White)

White PA12 material for slightly more translucent parts. High strength and stiffness and various types of finishing possible.

PA12 (Grey)

A Polyamide 12 powder (nylon based compound) with good mechanical properties and excellent surface resolution.


Short for Polypropylene, PP is a thermoplastic “addition polymer” made from the combination of propylene monomers.

TPU Flexa Black

TPU material for producing flexible parts. With similar properties to rubber, TPU Flexa Black material suppresses hits and shocks well.

Glass-Filled Nylon

Glass-Filled Nylon contains glass particles that gives parts high stiffness and improved thermal and abrasion resistance over standard Nylon.

MJF Materials

PA12 (Dyed Black)

PA12 is an engineering grade thermoplastic. Functional prototypes and end use parts produced with PA12 are high-density with extreme dimensional accuracy and fine detail.