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3D Printing Malaysia Workflow

3D Designing

You Design It

Let your creative juices flow! Design your 3D model and send in your order through our Online Quoting Tool! 

3D Printer

We 3D Print It

Once your order is processed, our professional team proceeds to 3D print it using the best materials and advanced 3D printing technologies.


You Receive It

After your 3D print is ready, Expert3D will ship the item to your stated delivery address. Simply sit back and wait to receive your beautiful 3D creation!

3D Printing Services in Malaysia

FDM 3D Printing Malaysia

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

FDM is one of the most time and cost effective 3D printing technologies. Common materials include ABS and PLA. We are able to print up to 914 x 609 x 914mm. Larger parts can be assembled.

SLA 3D Printing Malaysia


With the ability to capture high detail and ensure smooth finishing, SLA 3D printing technology is ideal for creating prototypes with high accuracy. Available in white, grey and clear resin. 

SLS 3D Printing Malaysia

Selective Laser Sintering

SLS is a powder based 3D printing technology. SLS printed parts are robust and will not become brittle over time. The main material used for SLS is PA12 (Nylon), typically white and can be dyed.

3D Printing Malaysia

Multi Jet Fusion

MJF parts have superior strength and flexibility. Similar to SLS, MJF uses PA12 (Nylon) as the main 3D printing material. MJF PA12 parts are grey/dyed black and have a grainy surface finish.

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