Where Can I Get 3D Printing Done?

Where Can I Get 3D Printing Done?

After weighing the pros and cons of 3D printing, the next step is to decide whether it is more financially savvy to integrate 3D printers into your manufacturing process or directly order from a 3D printing company in Malaysia

By outsourcing 3D printing services in Malaysia, you can expect to take advantage of a wide range of technologies supported by different 3D printers. This is a huge advantage compared to if you purchase your own 3D printer which would limit you to just one technology and its subset of 3D printing materials. For example, for Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), its subset of materials include ABS, ASA, ULTEM and more. On the other hand, materials for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) include PA12 and Glass-Filled Nylon.

For those looking for a local service provider in Malaysia, look no further than Expert3D. With a vast selection of over 40 industrial materials and an affordable price, Expert3D is the preferred partner of businesses.

How Expert3D Can Help You Get 3D Printing Done

1. Industry Focused

There is no lack of 3D printing companies in Malaysia, so why choose us? In the Malaysia market, many service providers cater to hobbyists with desktop FDM machines and materials. However, you can trust that Expert3D goes beyond that. We provide 3D printing services to businesses using industrial FDM, SLA, SLS, MJF and even Drop-On-Demand (silicone) technology. Our team of industry experts are trained and have years of experience in the applications of additive manufacturing. We are confident in applications in these respective fields: Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Goods & Lifestyle, Healthcare and more.

2. Certified Materials

At Expert3D, we offer over 40 certified industrial materials. These 3D printing materials include PA12, Somos Watershed XC 11122 (clear resin), ABS-ESD7 (static-dissipative material), Carbon Fiber (Nylon 12CF) and more. These high quality materials we use during our processes are all certified with material datasheets that are available upon request. Furthermore, our materials are stored in an environment with a low relative humidity (RH) of below 40% for quality assurance. 

3. Only 3D Printing Partner in DRZ Iskandar Malaysia

As of December 2020, Expert3D was named as the official 3D printing partner participating in DRZ Iskandar Malaysia. DRZ Iskandar is a first of its kind Drone & Robotics zone in Southeast Asia. Located in Medini Iskandar, Malaysia, the Drone & Robotics hub is supported by the Johor State Government for provision of drone development, maintenance, MRO and drone solutions. Additive manufacturing is extremely applicable to drone components with its freedom of design and time-effectiveness. The technology can be applied from R&D stage to low volume manufacturing of the end product. With us being a pioneering company in this venture, you can rest assured that Expert3D offers the best quality in the market!

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